Design Services

The success of your remodeling project lies in making informed decisions throughout the remodeling process.

Urban Kitchens can keep you on track with advice and support by showing you how to avoid the all too common headaches, project delays and budget busting surprises that often go along with a home remodeling project.

A design consultation is ideal for you if you want to manage your remodeling project yourself but just need a little guidance. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, bath or other room in your home and are looking for ideas, make an appointment at Urban Kitchens to discuss your project. Whether you want a makeover using your existing plan or if you want to start all over, we can help create your dream – on time and budget.

A design consultation is perfect for you if…

  • You have a small project you’d like to manage yourself.

  • You have a large project where your kitchen and bath are a part of your larger renovation.

  • You enjoy your role as “Project Manager.”

Urban Kitchens has a wide range of completed projects including whole house renovations. Each project is individually staffed with an appropriate team. Jo Meacham serves as the senior designer and project manager and other support members are often a part of the team. Urban Kitchens can serve as the General Contractor but also offers Design Consultation as an alternative. Design fees are subject to change but are outlined at the outset of each project and do not increase for its duration.

Senior Designer - Two Hour In-House Design Consultation

Jo also offers a two hour, one-time, in home consultation. This service is intended to provide you, the “hands-on” homeowner, with all the information and ideas necessary to execute your own project without the additional fees associated with full private client services and project management. It’s a great way to acquire tips and tricks that Jo has used and learned over the years and get inspired to be your own decorator. Think of this as a two hour crash course in décor delivered one-on-one in your own home by your favorite design firm! - No drawings are included.

Kitchen, Bath or Space Planning Designs

We also offer design only services that include a set of drawings for your project. If you are building a new home and would like your kitchen or master bath designed by a professional, this is a great way to get your ideas on paper. We also provide this service if you have your own contractor or are serving as your own contractor. Prices for kitchen designs range from $500 to $1,500.00. Hourly rates are also available.