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Why Design + Build

Design + build keeps project costs down. If your designer is also your project manager there is little room for misunderstandings. You are getting what you were promised without a third party. Design + Build can reduce the time it takes to get your project started and completed. As soon as the design begins, Urban Kitchens can offer you a date to start your project. From the beginning, your materials and fixtures will be selected, ordered and then available to install at the proper time. We don’t like surprises. Our clients are more comfortable when they know how much they are going to spend. Urban Kitchens can provide this service by performing more work prior to signing the contract.

We don’t guess. After 24 years we know how to create and stick to a budget. In fact, we put our name on the line when we sign a fixed price contract. There are some allowances, but these are reasonable and should allow you to select items just like we discuss before the contract is signed. No change orders. This is one item we work to avoid. Of course, there are some things that might come up during the project. But this is rare because our designers, contractors and project managers are included in site visits as we are preparing our final bid. Our past customers would tell you that most change orders originate from the Owner adding something to the project!

Why Design + Build | Urban Kitchens
The Urban Kitchens Design

The Design

We provide free initial consultations that offer you the opportunity to meet us, discuss your project and determine a budget that you will approve. After we present you with a design concept, a detailed Scope of Work and an estimate we require a design fee. The design fee allows us to go forward and compete the design and finalize the estimate.

The Contract

Urban Kitchens believes that a fixed price contract is essential to worry free projects. We promise no Change Orders.

The Warranty

We have a one-year warranty and many of the cabinet lines we offer have Limited Lifetime Warranties for the cabinets.


Great design is the best way to save money. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, bath or other room in your home and are looking for ideas, make an appointment at Urban Kitchens to discuss your project.

Whether you want a makeover using your existing plan or if you want to start all over, we can help create your dream – on time and budget.

At Urban Kitchens we do “remodel counseling.” We sit down with you and listen to why you want a new kitchen or bathroom and what you are looking for.

We ask the hard questions. “What is your budget?”
We answer your tough questions. “What will this cost?”
Then we get Creative.

How Urban Kitchens Works

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